Length: 106 Mins

Rated PG

Director: Jean Pellerin

Earth’s only hope is a teenager (Jason James Richter - Free Willy) and a institutionalized man (Mark Hamill - Star Wars) who thinks he is a reincarnated Alien as they search for a long lost space craft with the power to stop an invading Alien race, about to attack.



Genre: Horror/Thriller

Length: 90 Mins

Rated R

Director: John Curtis


Four students travel to Europe to explore the countryside and find themselves in a mysterious alternative realm from which there is no escape as they pass through the gates of a 13th century castle. Meeting a strange and crazy survivor, they soon realize that the only way home is to leave someone from their party behind, forever! Who will it be?


Genre: Horror/Thriller

Length: 90 Mins

Rated R

Director: Jonas Quastel


The sequel to the highly successful, Ripper “Letter from Hell” follows the great grand daughter of Jack the Ripper (Erin Karpluk) on her quest to find out who she really is. Set in the streets of London where the Ripper roamed, the killings seem to start all over again as her tortured soul follows in her great grandfather’s footsteps.


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