Robert Straight

Rob is a film and television executive with many years experience in all segments of the industry. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Marketing) from UBC.

As a Producer of theatrical films he has made films with Academy Award winning actors, F. Murray Abraham, (“By The Sword”) Louis Gosset Jr.  (“Managua”) and Tony Award winning actor Kelsey Grammar. (“Galaxies Are Colliding”)

He has won an International Emmy Award, the PBS Frontline Award for Best Documentary and a Canadian Screen Award. (“The Exhibition”)

As a Canadian Distributor he has theatrically released films for Orion and Live Entertainment as well as Canadian feature films, including the acclaimed Bruce MacDonald film “Hard Core Logo”.

As an International Distributor and Sales Agent he has released theatrically and to the home entertainment market “Making Michael Jackson’s Thriller”, and “Dirty Dancing” establishing an International brand for the NYSE company Vestron Inc.; the “Ring Series” (“Ringu”), “The Grudge” (“Juon”), “Dark Water”, and “One Missed Call” thereby establishing an International brand for the Japanese Studio Kadokawa Pictures and Rob Stewart’s multi award winning documentary and record revenue grossing documentary “Sharkwater”.

Rob has attended the Cannes Film Festival and AFM for over
30 years as well as Mipcom, MIP-TV,  Vidcom, Natpe, MIFED, Berlin’s EFM, the Tokyo Film Festival, Shanghai Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival and many others, many times over the course of his career for the purpose of acquisition and distribution. He has helped create financing for dozens of TV movies through pre-sales in Canada as an Associate Producer for Odyssey Media.

Rob has travelled extensively and has lived in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and  Vancouver while holding senior executive positions with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the NYSE  entertainment company Vestron Inc, Everest Entertainment, Film Horizon and Horizon  Motion Pictures.

He is an accomplished still photographer with gallery showings of his work in 2014 and is presently writing a screenplay for a feature pilot and television series.

Rob currently also represents other production companies to Broadcast Executives in Canada and to Distributors Internationally and has guest lectured frequently at Industry seminars and educational institutions.

He is married with three children and is presently living in Vancouver.

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