The Unofficial Trail of Alexandra Morton

by Scott Renyard

Documentary / Justice / Public Interest – 2016 – 86min

Alexandra Morton, the anti-fish farm activist and biologist, appears at a federal inquiry and faces tough questions from Government and Industry lawyers.





Poster Hot Street.jpg

Hot Street

by Xiaomin Zhang

Comedy / Drama / Dance – Canada – 2016 – 90 min

A young Chinese Hip Hop dancer teams up with a Hong Kong detective to find success and revenge in a high stakes dance competition that puts a common past with a ruthless crime lord behind them.




Mr_Rice_s_Secret_Poster 1

 Mr Rice’s Secret

by Nicholas Kendall

Drama – Canada – 1999 – 94 min

It’s what you do in life that counts” A man befriends a boy and leaves him messages of hope that send the boy on an excursion of self-discovery.





TheExhibitionPoster 27x40 V1 The Exhibition
by Damon Vignale

Documentary – Canada – 2012 – 90 min
An artist faces public opposition as she struggles to mount a large scale exhibition of paintings based on a police poster of missing women, twenty-six of which are found dead on a serial killer’s farm.






The Pristine Coast

by Scott Renyard

Documentary – Canada – 2014 – 149 min

“If you thought The Inconvenient Truth was an eco-horror movie, The Pristine Coast is The Fishery of the Living Dead.”



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