THE FORGIVER is a beautifully made film about an elderly patient-caregiver relationship broken by secrets of the past viciously resurfaced against the backdrop of cognitive decline.


Ocean is a caregiver who takes care of elderly patients to overcome her childhood abuse; her world is turned upside down when she discovers that her latest client, Harvey was the one who sexually abused her 30 years ago. Ocean tries to seek closure with Harvey but he can not remember due to his Alzheimer's ...or can he?


Screenwriter /Director,
Mostafa Keshvari

Producers, Amy Fox & Ingo Lou




TREE PLANTERS is a fun and raunchy single camera character-driven comedy by irreverent sketch duo CHEAP SMOKES, Kaitlin Mamie and Laura Danowski.

The TV series is helmed by Kids in the Hall’s Bruce McCulloch and features a diverse group of dreamers, searchers, and interesting weirdos as they take part in one of the most fascinating and challenging jobs imaginable - tree planting. (Season One has 8 episodes)



A freshman hockey coach and his Major Junior squad are contenders this season, but when a Blackfoot teen shows up and claims to be the coaches daughter, chaos washes over the roster.



All played out in the sub zero Rocky Mountains and rolling plains of Western Canada, our lead Aaron “Big Cat” Macath (30) has just been hired as the Coleman Colts head coach, championship expectations are in the air and Big Cat feels the weight.


When Kanti Little Wolf (16) comes to Coleman, the pressure redlines. Cat conceived Kanti in his Junior hockey years, a teen fling. Cat had no idea but Kanti’s mom just overdosed, her Grandma’s dying and Kanti has her own hockey dreams.


JUNIOR is a TV series—12X, one hour serialized drama by Sean Affleck.





An FBI agent finds himself without any memory of the last 7 days and in investigating what happened to him discovers a conspiracy the goes to the top American politics.



An FBI agent arrives at his office with little memory after being missing for 7 days. He is accused of returning to drinking but is also told he is a hero because he saved a bus of children from a terrorist bombing. However news reports don’t correspond to his memory and as he investigates he suspects his mind has been manipulated and his memory redacted.

Constrained by his loss of memory he continues to investigate the crime and political events surrounding government executives and possible terrorist players to discover a cover up to hide the true perpetrators of the crime and their motivation for carrying out the attack.





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